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A Journey To A Better Future Begins With Us

Welcome to ORCHIDS The International School

Ever since the blossoming of our first ORCHIDS in Hyderabad in 2002, to a chain of 35+ International Schools, we have impacted more than 30,000 lives, setting a new benchmark for quality of education. ORCHIDS The International School is one of the top International Schools, blooming all over Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai.

We believe in “Shaping minds, Touching lives, Building Second Homes”.

Along with academic excellence, we also lay a strong emphasis on personality development and employ a number of innovative ways to inculcate strong values, building responsible individuals and future-ready global citizens.

Vision & Mission



ORCHIDS takes the step forward with a vision of creating a dynamic generation that imagined and innovated their own revolutions hopefully, one fine morning.'



With the world changing constantly, the future is being reshaped too, every minute. ORCHIDS aims at the holistic development of a child, making them future ready, regardless of the change.



Integrating technology in education to make our students ‘Future Ready’.



Creating future leaders using technical revolution and instilling values.

  • Shield - Safeguard the spirit of Inquiry and intellectual, ethical and social values in the students and teachers.

  • Book & Pen - Knowledge and Wisdom.

  • Rising Sun and Orchid - Glory and brilliance.

  • Outstretched arms - Welcoming culture.

  • Stars - Excellence.

  • The Crown - Leadership.

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